January- Lady in the Red (…Tracksuit)

Just a few years ago if you were seen wearing a tracksuit heading into a restaurant, bar or any other place (besides the McDonald’s drive through), you would probably been the subject of ridicule. That, or have people wondering if you were having a bit of a breakdown. Thanks to the socio-economic group ‘The Chav’, the tracksuit seen anywhere outside the sporting world was a sign of severe lack of style and fashion sense for the everyday girl.

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My trip to Basel: How city breaks can be relaxing

Short city breaks for us in the UK are attractive for many reasons. They don’t use up many valuable holiday days, give you a glimpse into another city/culture, and most importantly give you that mini holiday feeling without putting too much strain on your bank balance.

But with this being said, they also have their disadvantages. They can involve rushing to the airport after work on Friday (after kicking yourself all day remembering something left at home) and having to meticulously plan in order to tick off everything you found to do on timeout.com.  And that’s just the preparation! Once you’re there there is a whole plethora of other first world struggles. You have to wake up early to make proper use of the day, you get sore feet from all the walking, and my personal least favourite…being stuck with limited outfit choices due to packing light. All of this can make you come back tired and unprepared for the next week ahead, not feeling like you have had a ‘break’ at all…

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