January- Lady in the Red (…Tracksuit)

Just a few years ago if you were seen wearing a tracksuit heading into a restaurant, bar or any other place (besides the McDonald’s drive through), you would probably been the subject of ridicule. That, or have people wondering if you were having a bit of a breakdown. Thanks to the socio-economic group ‘The Chav’, the tracksuit seen anywhere outside the sporting world was a sign of severe lack of style and fashion sense for the everyday girl.

Those of us who remember Vicky Pollard in all her glory know too well how the tracksuit as an every day fashion was perceived in the 00’s, ridiculed and often associated with youth crime and gang culture. During this time the celebrity Velour tracksuit (featured permanently on Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in the 00’s) was reserved for those who could fork out thousands on designer tracksuits, and any replica from your local market had a very distinctive negative stereotype attached to it. However in the last few years there is no denying that a wave of new feminism has entered the mainstream through social media, celebrity endorsements etc. The rise of sports-chic for the powerful everyday woman here to stand her ground in fashion and life has given birth to new popular brands such as Ivy Park and Fabletics, and seen the major sporting brands and their products reach a completely new demographic. From catwalk to everyday style, the tracksuit has become a staple of the modern woman’s wardrobe, without the previous negative connotations. 



Movements such as ‘strong vs skinny’, ‘ladies who lift’ and through various celebrities seen taking control of their fitness in the public sphere, has meant that sports wear, active wear and casual clothing have taken over the fashion world. Thanks to being displayed on the catwalks of powerhouses Chanel, Gucci, Vetements and beyond and the street style of fashion icons, the tracksuit has reached new heights of respectability, class and style. And of course when these items are being displayed on the catwalk they are accompanied by the catwalk essential- the high heel. A combination which works surprisingly well. You can see this style splashed all over fashion and style websites, supported by the major players in the promotion of main stream fashion, those such as Rihanna, FKA Twigs and the Kardashians.


For me, this trend is everything I like and more. I have always been a fan of sportswear and sport style and being able to dress up my favourite items with accessories, heels and make up for social events is warmly welcomed. Personally, I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as the stiletto heel as they aren’t in my normal attire anyway, but a nice chunky chelsea boot underneath a tracksuit suits my style perfectly. In light of this, scroll down and have a look how I styled my new red tracksuit with my favoured heeled boots. This may be a trend which some people will never get on board with, but I certainly hope it is here to stay. I wouldn’t recommend digging out that Mckenzie tracksuit from the 00’s and rocking them with your kitten heels, but shops are currently stacked out with stunning tracksuits for you to be on trend. Thanks for reading!















This post features: 

H&M Red Hoodie// H&M Red Joggers// Topshop Black Chelsea boots// Vintage head scarf worn around neck// Silver Urban Outfitters Hooped Earrings

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