February- Shooting the Midnight Creep Music Video

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Any person working on a creative project knows just how important the chemistry of the team is in getting the final result which everyone desires. Of course, this is just one ingredient in the recipe for success. Hard work, determination and also bundles of creativity are also required. Luckily, this is a tale of when it all goes right. Recently I was lucky enough to star in VITO CAMARO‘s new music video for his song ‘Midnight Creep’. The video premiered on Flaunt magazine >> which you can check out here! Have a scroll down to see some behind the scenes shots!! 

The hair and make up process
The finished product, DREAMGURL
Photo 23-07-2016, 14 28 36
Vito and his DREAMGIRL’s enigmatic room
BTS with some props!
BTS of Vito in his bedroom!
Photo 23-07-2016, 10 23 23
DREAMGURL in her bedroom
Photo 24-07-2016, 15 34 32
Galaxy Hot tub BTS
Multi talented producer both sides of the lens

Director: Vito Camaro/ Ned Wolfgang Kelly

Producer: Jemma Moore w/ April Hughes

Camera Crew: Matt Gillan w/ Steven Fairman& Tanmoye Khan& Klara Rych

Make up/ Hair: Federica Adorno 

Art Direction: Bryonny Neylan- Francis

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