3 Trip Summer: A Retrospective Style Diary

Now that Summer has well and truly left us/ (me) crying and pining like a love sick teenager, I have retrospectively decided to compile a quick post about my favourite outfits from my three trips abroad. If you have kept up with my previous posts and/or Instagram posts you’ll already know that I was lucky enough to visit America, Cyprus and Prague this Summer.Although Summer 2016 involved many festivals and events around London for me, I thought here I would focus just on my trips abroad as they involved planning and packing specific items of clothing in advance. And also, the scenery is a little different over seas of course, making for some interesting photos. I really, really enjoy styling my own outfits and coordinating colours and patterns as much as possible, yet Summer has always presented itself as a challenge to me. This is because the more the sun comes out the less amount of clothing becomes necessary. With me being such a huge fan of layering and Winter styles, I always feel like my Summer wardrobe just isn’t as exciting and I struggle to find variation in my personal style. These outfits however, I feel, manage to just about convey my personal style in spite of their simplicity. Take a look for yourself…



Photo 13-08-2016, 20 13 13

This outfit was worn whilst hanging out in Charlotte, North Carolina. We stayed in Charlotte for a few days and is a really cool up and coming city. I love casual wear so this outfit was something I felt really comfortable in, yet still showed my love of street wear and vintage items. 

American Apparel cap // Bershka Mesh Top // Vintage Denim shorts// Lamoda socks// Adidas Superstars13741293_108466456268051_1916721774_n

Hanging out on Brooklyn Bridge

This playsuit was actually bought for the trip and I wore it one day whilst doing our touristy things around New York City. Here, I’m clearly being ridiculously candid on the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn bridge. Shout out to my mum (as usual) for the sick photo. You can read my post about the trip and the displacement of  Londoner in the big apple here.

Boohoo Playsuit// Adidas Superstars// Urban Outfitters Pendant// Lamoda Choker// Lamoda Sunglasses



A few more photos of our time in New York. The first was taken along the streets of New York City and the second up the Empire State Building on a really beautiful day. This jumpsuit is so comfortable and was only around the £20 pound mark. Such a bargain! Orange is a colour I rarely wear but after falling in love with this garment I will definitely be buying more of it in the future. 

Zara Jumpsuit// Vagabond Sandals// Nike 5 Panel Hat from Size?//Urban Outfitters Pendant// Lamoda Choker


Processed with VSCO with c9 preset

There is so much buzz about Athleisure at the moment! This outfit is bang on trend for that. Sports bra and vintage sports shorts were the perfect choice for cycling around Chareleston, South Carolina. We found this beautiful lake and these photos were taken on a much needed break from exercising in the 90+ degree heat!

Nike Sports Bra// Urban Outfitters Vintage Renewal Shorts// Nike trainers// Primark Silver Hoop Earrings// Topshop Sunglasses



Another two photos in Charleston, South Carolina, showing a similar amount of skin… This outfit suited both walking around the town and visiting the beach. I have had these shorts for years and years and they only come out in the summer time as they are quite bright. I am such a huge fan of high waisted items, so these shorts are a ‘go-to-item’ every single summer.

Beyond Retro Vintage Shorts// Bershka Crop Top// Nike Cortez Trainers// H&M Mirror Sunglasses




Now we are on to Cyprus! Here is a few photos showing off my accessories mainly on our balcony in our hotel in Aiya Napa, Cyprus. Again, the clothing to skin ratio is a bit off  😛 This was only a short trip for my cousins wedding, and the weather was glorious. 

New Look Bikini// Forever 21 Body Chain // Lamoda Sunglasses// H&M Hoop Silver Earrings



The first photo here was taken on the rocks just behind Nissi Beach, Aiya Napa, and the second in my hotel bathroom.. that’s cool, right? This little Adidas crop top was bought from Urban Outfitters and despite only having worn it once so far, I am in love!!!!!!

Beyond Retro Vintage Leather Shorts// Adidas Crop Top from Urban Outfitters // Forever 21 Body Chain// Lamoda Sunglasses// Adidas Sliders



These photos are from the day of the wedding. Finally an opportunity to wear those heels, as gallivanting through the streets of London with those on has not been an appealing idea yet. Any day which starts off with a Mimosa in the sun is a great day. 

Boutique dress from House of Fraiser// Topshop White Platform Heels // H&M Faux Ivory Necklace// Primark Silver Hoop Earrings




Sporting a few more garments (thankfully) in Prague. Literally no idea how I’ve managed to change my bag mid-day. But its happened, get over it! This was a few months ago now as you can probably tell by the need for the jacket. I was working from the Prague offices (see the post here) so was wearing an outfit much more appropriate for a working environment. I find it hilarious finding scenery that matches my outfit, and it usually makes for a great aesthetic in images. This pink wall was spot on! 

Topshop Culottes//Topshop Strappy Top// New Look Satin Pink bomber// Lamoda Rope Choker// Urban Outfitters Sunglasses. 

So as you probably have clocked onto by now, my Summer wardrobe has consisted of a collection of high-street, vintage and summer appropriate items. I was, for most part, too busy enjoying the holidays and spending time with friends and family to think about documenting my outfits too much, hence the ‘retrospective’ element of this post. Hope you enjoyed it anyways, and tell me what you think below in the comments! 

Speak to you in the next post, Jess XXX

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