“My Adidas and me as close as can be…”

Now I don’t think my love of sports wear is much of a secret. Having come from a family of professional sportsmen and women, sports wear has always been a go to for my family for both sporting activities and for fashion. For me personally, Adidas has always seemed leagues above in terms of its ability to transcend the sporting world into the fashion world. Maybe it is something to do with the simplicity of the designs, the trademark 3 stripes, or its presence on famous figures from all walks of life. Adidas has some huge celebrity endorsements throughout our modern history: most notably  I feel, being DMC in the 80’s, (the first deal between hip-hop artists and a multi-corp clothing company). Whatever the reasons for its success in the fashion world, I undoubtedly am huge fan.

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Now, I have been searching for the perfect Faux Leather Jacket for what feels like a lifetime. So, you can imagine just how happy (and relieved!) I was to stumble across this beaut online. From the ever popular online store Missguided, I eagerly waited the arrival of this jacket, preparing myself for the possibility that it might not actually be what I had been searching for all this time. I have to be honest.. this jacket blew all my preconceived hopes and dreams (lol) out the window. It’s not just what I have been looking for, its more.

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June- Double denim difference

I have always been in love with denim. Denim jackets, denim jeans, denim shoes (yuuuup!) have always been major players in my wardrobe, and I am certainly not alone with my love for the material….

It is undeniable that denim has been a consistently popular material since its creation in 1871 via the ever famous Levi Strauss & co. Since then, denim jeans and its predecessors (which include every type of clothing garment imaginable), have been a staple to fashion.For this outfit post, I wanted to pick two unconventional items to create the ‘double denim look’, which usually consists of jeans paired with a denim jacket or a denim shirt. This look however, consists of a Pull and Bear denim trench and a Topman Cap. Both of which can be found in links at the bottom of the page.

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June- retro reebok

I had the opportunity to meet with one of my favourite photographers and do a quick shoot for a Vintage Reebok editorial. A purposely simple and one outfit only shoot, the idea for this came from my personal love of vintage sports /street wear. Those who know me well know how much I love finding rare vintage finds from markets, charity shops, vintage shops and sometimes even my mums wardrobe when I’m home (..and she isn’t looking!) I styled this shoot myself with clothes from my own wardrobe, drawing upon my own preferences. This consists of a Reebok Vintage bomber jacket, Vintage Reebok Vest top, white Adidas Nizza Lo’s, an old white beanie and my favourite topshop skinny jeans. 

I would like to say a huge Thank You! to everyone involved including Ruby McHugh for my nude make up look and of course Eddie Flicks for taking the snaps. I am obsessed with minimal editing on images, as I love the more natural look which I feel is shown in the pictures below. Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave me comments with what you think.

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