Women’s Irremovable Connection to Scrutiny: Looking at Alicia Keys’ choice to give up make up

Legendary artist Alicia Keys has recently grabbed media attention due to her decision to attend various glamorous events and award shows wearing not a drop of make up.  Some, may consider this a brave move considering the enormous pressure women (and men) have on the world’s stage to look immaculate, and the media coverage of her decision is evidence of its irregularity. Keys has stated that it has been a very personal decision about self acceptance and self love. Through her example, she would like to see a ‘revolution’ amongst young women who can accept a version of themselves free from expectation and pressure. However, despite stating that this decision was personal rather than reflecting a societal trend, Keys has nevertheless been thrown into discussions of ‘trends’ and ‘fashion statements’ and ultimately judgement, contradicting the exact reasons why she states to have ditched the make up in the first place.

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